A fitsters New Year's resolutions + how to reach them!

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As you all know the new year 2013 is just around the corner. If you are like the majority of people you usually set up New Year's resolutions to yourself, then why should this year be an exception? The only problem is that an average of 20% of us really stay true to our resolutions, yes you heard (read haha) right, only 20%! Of course I want all of you to end up in the successful 20% category, that's why I have listed a few tips on how to stick with and reach your goals!  
Some examples of fitness resolutions, the bold ones are goals or challenges I will try to achieve/live by:
Lose x pouds/kg Δ Join a gym Δ Run a full or half marathon Δ Find new awesome workouts Δ Rock that new bikini Δ Start drinking atleast 2 liters water a day Δ Be able to make 50 pushups Δ Get toned Δ Start working out atleast 4 times a week Δ Get toned Δ Start lifting weights Δ Decrease the body fat persentage Δ Reduce "cheat snacking" to once a week Δ Start doing more cardio Δ Go down a jeans size Δ Be able to run for 10 minutes without pauses Δ Get a set of killer abs Δ Reduce waist size Δ Eat fruits more often Δ Improve the length of "wall sits" Δ Stop letting my workouts depend on the weather Δ Get bad ass glutes Δ Start eating cleaner foods Δ Try out new fruits and vegetables Δ Finally get rid of those darn love handles Δ Try out new "diets" Δ Stop drinking sodas entirely Δ Start doing yoga as a wakeup routine
Δ Take the stairs instead of the elevator Δ Start "fitness blogging" more  Δ Sleep the hours needed nightly

 Choose a reachable goal
It might be time to face it, resolving to look like a Victoria's Secret angel might not be realistic for the majority of us, however you can always strive to be the best looking version that you can be!
 Create a plan
At the beginning of the year create a comprehensive plan. Many successful stories start with a plan on how to achieve the main goal. Why shoudn't you do a personal plan that will help you reach your goals? If you really want to succeed you shoudn't let your goals depend on "fate", if you want it then go for it 
 Break it down to make it less intimidating
Rather than a hug end goal break it down into smaller pieecs. Set several smaller goals to achieve throughout the year that will help you to reach the ultimate goal. Then even if you aren’t able to reach your final goal, you will have many smaller, but still significant, achievements along the way.
 Ask for helpful tips and motivation
Are you not getting anywhere or are you struggling with how to reach your goal? - Contact someone professional that might be able to give you some tips or why not aks your familymembers or friends to support you and remind you in negative times why you in fact are trying to reach your goals.
 Reward yourself for progressing
If you have stuck loyal to your resolution for 1 month, reward yourself with something meaningful. But think of what kind of rewards you want to give yourself, if you have lost weight you might not want to reward yourself with a huge calorie bomb! Instead streat yourself with something other than food, like an experience or new workout apparel.   
 Limit your number of goals
Sometimes there are so many great goals that you can come up with but keep it realistic, choose a few bigger goals or many small goals. If you have too many you will end up getting too stressed and unable to put your heart into the goals as much as you had hoped.
Good luck #Fitfam with your resolutions, I'm cheering on you!
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