To Die For

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Soon I should change my description and name to 'Project Bikini Body'.... haha It feels like I'm talking about bikinis in more or less every post now but, you just have to take it for now. I'll try to cut down the bikini talk a little however. But it's just so exciting to go on a bikini holiday when I've really tried hard to get a bikini body to be proud of, and now in november I will finally be able to (atleast try) rock my bikinis! However it goes I'm proud of how far I've come, I will probably not look super good in my bikini until my Tenerife visit. But hey it's okey, I've got more than 6 months to make it until next summer season in Sweden, and by then I'll be more than ready!
So continuing woth the bikini things. I just recently stumbled upon this lovely creature, it's from a Swedish brand called "To Die For", and they sure are to die for. This little bikini comes in many bright fun colors, I personally love the ones called 'Miami Dream', 'In this Moment' and 'Sugar Daisy'. I'm debating whether or not to purchase it though. I Just bought myself one 'Panos Emporio' bikini set in sale that I've wanted forever, but the price on this beauty is just so great. 
Oh well, I'll have to think about it since I'm poor as a church mouse since I bought my two Nike Free Runs.

About me

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So I got a few requests that I should let you guys know who the writer behind 'Project Healthy Body' is. Since I now have spare time, I thought I might finally do it!
My name is Jonna, I'm an 18 year old Scandinavian girl. At the moment I'm in my senior year studying at the humanities program with lingual focus. I study swedish, finnish, english, spanish, french and I've also studied a little bit of japanese. What do I want to do after I've graduated high school I still haven't decided. I love painting, designing, dancing and photographing but at the moment my Canon is broken *sad face*. A secret dream of mine when I grew up was to become a supermodel, that has not really changed, but the dream is not as big as it was a few years ago. One thing that I really love is fashion, even if I hate the word 'fashion'. I can for hours and hours sit by my computer and window shop, or what I like to call it windowsshop (you get it? haha I'm so proud of myself that I've come up with that expression by myself... or atleast that's what I want to think). I love to create things and to be the first to dress by trends before everybody else. I completely love animals, I couldn't immagine a life where I didn't have a little kitty, bunny or dog by my side. 
Many times before I've tried to lose weight and to get fit, but it has always been so that my exs would be proud of me. It never worked when I tried to do it for someone else. 
In early July 2012 I was browsing trough the internet just like any other person would. I stumbled upon a picture of a fit girl with the most beautiful body ever. At that time I wasn't happy about my body nor unhappy, I was... you know 'content'. After I saw that picture my whole view of food, health and fitness became stronger and more important than ever. I wanted to look like her, she looked to fierce! After that day I decided to eat healthy and to exercise as much as possible so that I can finally get a fierce body to call my own. This time I'm doing it for myself, and I'm succeeding.

How to get out of the warm cozy couch in winter.

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The cold winter is just around the corner, except for you people down under. But we others might not be as lucky, because lets face it. It's getting colder, darker and at some places it's already snowing. At this time some of us might not want to do anything but to just lay in the couch watching 'Sex and the city' with a blanket and hot cocoa. But that wont do if you want to continue towards getting or obtaining your fit dream body! Therefore I have listed a few tips that hopefully can motivate you to set aside your cocoa and grab your Nikes and hit the roads, gym or whatever you feel like. 
 Workout with someone!
To workout with a friend is a lot more fun than working out alone, and in many cases it gives you more motivation. Why? Because you might push each other to go that extra mile, Maby you give it your 110% because you don't want to be the un-fittest one of you two. Take along someone that is at the same physical level as you so that you can challenge each other. But remember that the one you truly are competing with is yourself.
 Motivate others to working out and healthy living!
To puch others into living a helthy life or working out is one of the best things to do, because you are creating a surrounding full of motivated people that can give back that motivation to you when you are feeling 'motivationless'.
 Give other people tips!
If you have any great tips, share them! Not only will you inform other people, but you will also remind yourself of the tips you have. It is very usual that we know so much about fitness and health but we forget the do's and don't's. So give other people tips to remind yourself!
 Have reasonable goals.
Well, let's face it, it is not easy to lose 15 kg in one month nor to get a flat tummy in 7 days (in a healthy way!). Goals that are too hard to reach will end up affecting your self esteem, motivation and mood. Therefore set many small goals that are possible and easier to reach, because who doesn't want to feel that awesome feeling when you've reached a goal more often? I'm not saying you shouldn't challenge yourself, I'm just telling you to be more realistic.
 Stock up with colorful workout apparel.
Is coral, mint, lime or violet your favourite color? Well then let show on your workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, yoga mat... you name it! By bright colors we get happier and more alert. Use that fact as your advantage!
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