Ralph Lauren

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My absolute fave perfume at the moment. It smells like a floral fruity bubbly perfume, but it's not too much. I really recommend you to try it out for yourselves, you might find a new fave just like I did. :)


Real Beauty Sketches

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Oh man, this came as an advert in one YouTube video, and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on youtube. It really cached my attention. You NEED to watch it!

London Shopping, Part 1

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You guys have been requesting that I post pictures of what I bought in London earlier this month so now when I'm sick (again) and can't really do anything exhausting... so my Canon came out. Sadly when I opened the outer lens cap I saw that my camera's lens had someway broken. But thank god it was just the protection lens that was broken, my camera objective is still intact!

So anyways, I just wanted to take some quick pictures before the lighting was completely worthless. The problem with this post is that all of my things aren't in the picture. Since my parents are divorced I have some of the things at my moms and the rest at my dads. So I might make an updated version (and maybe some reviews if you want to?) on this post later on, but until now this is just fine!

Always when I'm in an english speaking country I purchase a few magazines to take back home. American and english magazines are so much more fun and have better themes than the Swedish ones. Also the swedish Cosmopolitan doesn't exist anymore, which is super sad because Cosmo is one of my favourite magazines of all time!
England is ideal for shopping cosmetics because they have tons of sales and offers that makes shopping for  makeup rediculously cheap... well at least compared to Sweden. I just wish now a few weeks after that I would have bought a lot more! I was so stupid to just walk by the Urban Decay stand in Selfridges.... I really wish I would have been smart enough to purchase either Naked Palette 2 or the original. Oh well.... I'm still pretty happy with what I got. As I said I will probably post more pictures in the future, I didn't really plan to do this today, so as mentioned before, I don't have all of my stuff collected in one place.
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