A little something about sugar and sweeteners.

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First: Let's talk about sugar. I've heard far too many people say that our body needs sugar. EEEEH wrong. Your body doesn't need sugars, your body needs fat, salt, carbonhydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral, fiber etc. So when people state that sugar is vital for our body, I can't help but to step in and correct them. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat sugar every now and then but I'm just saying that don't get it confused with vital nutrients. 

Sugar is really a toxin and it's crazy that nearly everything in grocery stores contain sugar. And if they don't, they usually contain sweeteners and I'm sorry to break it to you but the majority of sweeteners are even more worse that actual sugar. Your should try to stay away from: aspartame, agave, sucralose etc. and try to find stevia, sugar alcohols, organic & raw honey instead.

While we're on the subject, when you see words like "fat-free" or "low fat" think "chemical sugar bomb" instead. Because that is pretty much what "fat-free" stands for. Products that are low in fat usually have sugars instead of fat. And as I cleared up before, your body needs fat and not sugar, so go for the fat instead of sugar. At least that's what's the smartest option, and I guess you want to be smart, right? 

At work

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I'm sitting at work on my break, and I must say that I really enjoy the alone time, even though it most defenitely isn't quiet. Some days are good and some days are bad but overall I really like it here, at the kindergarden. 
If I didn't tell you before, no I don't have any education in teaching. But as a substitute teacher I am qualified.

Pink Beauties

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Had a giftcard from Nelly.com, didn't really find any clothing (I never find any clothing to buy when I can afford to do some shopping... am I the only one that feels this way?) but that didn't matter for I'd been craving to try out 'Too Faced' and 'Voluspa' for a looong time so when I found them at btw Nelly.com it wasn't too difficult to decide what I would put into the cart. I've also been wanting to expand my nail polish collection, and after some research I found the perfect shade of pink from OPI, 'Pinking of you'. 

UPDATE: Gotta say I'm super happy with the polish and makeup palette, but the 'pink citron candle' really wasn't what I hoped it would be. Well well, I'm happy I didn't get the bigger candles.

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