Less "weight loss", more health.

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I just wanted to make it clear to you guys that my blog isn't mainly about weight loss anymore, it is about health. 
Although I will write about weight loss, it isn't the main category. From now on I will focus more on health, just like my blog name says. A healthy body doesn't mean a super fit/skinny body, it's about wellbeing, happiness and to be comfortable in one's skin. I will also write a little bit more about things in my life just to make it a bit more warm, personal but maby the most importantly to make my blog more real. But just to make it clear to you guys, this blog will still be basically the same, it will just be a little bit more about feeling happy and healthy in one's body - because we all know that if you have a super sexy body, you will not be guaranteed happiness (however that doesn't mean I will stop giving you guys advice and facts on how to get a smashing body!) .
Btw. random thought; I never knew that my absolute best friend would be four legged 

Bad mixture of factors

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Oh right, I almost forgot to write my workout diary today! It's nothing too impressive but I was at the ordinary Zumba class that I usually do to on mondays. It's always super fun and I always forget that I actually workout. I mean today wasn't the best workout day tho', considering the foods that I ate... I had poor nutritional food that I binged on. And on op of that I was lacking energy. So this mixture of factors made me take a pause between every third song. I really mean that I had to, or else I would have thown up my food. Yes it was that bad. haha anyways, I gave it all I could so It was still a good workout session.
60 minutes of cardio
 So according to this one "Zumba workout calorie burn calculator" I burned aprox. 500 calories at the 60 minute session.

Insanity vs. 30 day shread

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I've been browsing around for different workout plans that you can do at home, since I still don't have a gym membership yet (I know, I know... but I just haven't had time/money to get one). So anyway's, I've been looking at Insanity and Jillian Michaels 30 day shread. Personally I think that Insanity might be the best option to take. What do you guys think? Btw if you too are interested in insanity but can't afford to buy the videos I've got a great place where you can stream it! Just send me a mail [jonna.keskikallio@gmail.com] and I'll be happy to share it with you! The Jillian videos you can easily find on YouTube.

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