X-lash lash growth serum

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I know I would really appreciate if you could give me some tips on new products that you've tested and enjoyed. So I have been trying to get long lashes for such a long time now and I finally found a product that wasn't super expensive! So I decided to give you some before and after shots of my lashes to show you how great this product is! I honestly never thought it wold work, and def. not this well, so I was very happily surprised! I've tried 'Prolash' and 'Lashes to die for' before but they just didn't work on me, unfortunately. 
As you can see both pictures aren't that good, but you can still see a huge difference even though I am not wearing any mascara. Before I had pretty short lashes and I always had to curl them. If I didn't it was impossible to know that I even had lashes. The serum made my lashes longer and curled them at the same time so they look very fresh when I wake up every morning (how my face looks in the morning is another story haha). 

So I have been applying this serum every evening, to my upper lashes mainly but on my lower lashes too. I first wash away my makeup from my face with a makeup remover and them use water to get away the makeup remover. Then when my face is dry I apply the serum just like I would apply a liquid eyeliner, since it is an exact same brush as in a liquid eyeliner. I only apply it at the very roots because it is there the serum will work, so to drag the serum out to the lashes will just be throwing away your precious serum! 


Q & A

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So I get tons of questions allt the time on instagram, unfortunately I can't answer them all there because it takes too much time and I do not always get notifications when I recieve comments! So I decided to have a small post where I answer all of your questions! Personal, nutrition, workouts, fitspo, random stuff... you name it! So write down your questions + answers in any post in my blog and I'll put all of the questions in one post! 

Hurtful and unnecessary comments.

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I may be sick at the moment but I had to get this out of my system. It's a thing that I stumble across so often it's insane, it really annoys me and makes me really angry.
Recently I've learned that people really don't care about what they write on the internet nor do they care if it might be hurtful to others. Now we all know that it is mean and wrong to tell "overweight" people that their bodies are "disgusting", but lately it seems to be okay for people to critisize "skinny" bodies with just that same word: "disgusting". But do you know what really is disgusting? Those unnecessary and negative comments that some people are spreading at pictures of bodies. Guess what... it actually belongs to a person, a living being with feelings. 
Now before I continue this I just want to make it clear that no matter what a person's body type/shape or whatever looks like, you're not allowed to comment any negative about him or her.
Lately I've heard many people saying that they "want a real woman with curves, not a skinny one that might break when I touch her". Last time I checked curvy wasn't a synonym to woman. Some women are curvy some are not, that doesn't mean that one type is more of a woman than the other. When will people understand that we all have different conditions and outlooks? This same thing applies to well trained and fit bodies. People will openly critisize others that have had months and maby years of hard work to look the way they do. "She looks like a man" is a comment that I very often sumble across and it makes me very upset, yes you are entiteled to your opinion but don't let it out. I mean would you really say "I can see you like potato chips" to a girl that is overweight? I do know that the majority of my followers are positive and supportive but if there's any person that reads this, please think again before you comment. Thank you.
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