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I know my body isn't any type of "a show off" body, and I'm not trying to convince you either. So don't comment any negative comments please :) But I like to see transformations and progress, and I'm sure you do to? So I'm posting a picture of today's shape, as I said earlier I've had a bad period when it comes to health, and that's okay because we all have ups and downs. But I'm really feeling like I'm rising up again, and this time really strong. I'm really happy because I feel that I have so many fun projects and opportunities going on that truly motivate the shit out of me! I have time, and energy now and truth be told I really didn't have it before. So I just want to thank you all beautiful people that you have been hanging on there and stayed supporting me even when I haven't been active. So thank you, it means a lot! Hopefully you'll enjoy the new & happy Jonna because you'll se a lot more of her now :)
While the whole family was eating a lunch pizza I took a better choice and ate Subway chicken teriyaki with dark bread and tons of veggies! 300 something calories isn't too bad!  (No I don't count calories, just wanted to mention it... and know that Subway isn't the moat healthiest but it beats the hell out of a pizza! Don't you agree?!)
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du är så fin!

Svar: Åh tack så mycket sötis! xx
Jonna Keskikallio

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Subway är gott

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