That moment when you remember how good it feels to be motivated again!

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I absolutely love the feeling of being motivated and pumped again! Yesterday I was at my first spinning class, and I must admit that it went horribly. I didn't really plan to go to a spinning class so I didn't really eat that well and I ate pretty close to the class. So it felt like I was going to throw up and faint at the same time, it wasn't too much fun. I also had to get off the bike because I really needed to just rest against a wall to calm the nausea. It felt really bad when the instructor had to come to leave her bike to see if I was feeling well, but I really appreciate it, because she did just what she had to do in the situation! After the embarrassing class she came and talked to me of the first times she tried out spinning, she also felt really bad and just like me! That made me feel so much better, and really made me realize that we all start somewhere but that we all can improve if we allow ourselves.
I can't really say that I am sore today in my body more than in my bum after the horribly uncomfortable saddle seat or whatever its called. I didn't really have the best experience but I will give it a few shots, and if it doesn't suit me I have at least tried.
Anyways, I'm planning on going out for a long walk and run tomorrow. As a preparation for that I'll really eat a good and healthy meal! haha a girl can't make the same mistake too many times.
#1 - - Diman Dilir:

tråkigt att det blev så! själv är jag nyfiken på att testa!

Svar: Det är bara att testa, det är säkert svinkul när man kommer in i det! Så jag tycker absolut du ska testa :)
Jonna Keskikallio

#2 - - Sanna:

Älskar dina skor!

#3 - - Fanny Walhed:

Är det Nike Freerun? Vart har du köpt dom isåfall? Funderar på att införskaffa mig ett par. :)

Svar: Ja det är Nike free run! Köpte dem på :)
Jonna Keskikallio

#4 - - Lisa:

Älskar skorna!!

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