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I really appreciate that you like the posts I make so that I can see what posts you like. It's a great way to let me know what you like and don't like without commenting (but please don't stop commenting! I love to see new comments in my "inbox") So if you didn't know that you could do this, at least now you do! I'm super sleepy so I'm getting back to my bed now. Good night sweeties! 

Get your flat abs without doing a single crunch!

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Doesn't everybody want flat abs? Sometimes it can be very hard to know what to do to get it, especially the workout part. Some people think the key to flat abs is to do daily crunches... and well they are not wrong, but they are up for a very hard fact: "To burn one pound of fat, you have to do 250,000 crunches, according to researchers at the University of Virginia. That's 100 crunches a day for seven years." Hmm... okay, so who wants to spend seven years to burn one little pound?! 
Don't get me wrong, I love crunches but sometimes there are better options that will maximize results. The thing is that crunches only target the superficial muscles, so they aren't the most effective way to work your abs.
Instead you should target he muscles that lie beneath the superficial ones: the transverse abdominals, multifidis and internal obliques. Why? - Well because these muscles pulls in your belly area like a corset. You will get the belly area looking flat and toned! 
To spare you time googling for workouts that target these areas I've prepared a little picture for you and me that contains facts and pictures of workouts that target the muscles mentioned before.
Ps. these are not miracle workouts, you really need to eat clean and do cardio to get the best result, but you already knew that you sexy beast!

Tikei mineral makeup

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You guys know I've been wanting to try out mineral makeup, so a girl on IG recommended the Swedish mineral makeup brand Tikei! When I read about it I kind of fell in love a little, haha just like in the bareMinerals. They are not tested on animals, they don't have the bad ingredient "Bismouth Oxychloride" that many other mineral makeup brands have, and it's unorganic so bacteria doesn't grow in it and it's "veganfriendly". When I saw that thay had sample kits that were costumizable I was thrilled. I ordered home 20 samples of concealers, foundations, eyeshadows, rouges and mineral veils for me and my sister. And yesterday they came in the mailbox! I can do a review of them if you want to.
Below is the list of what we purchased in the sample kit! :)
 Brush Baby Kabuki   Foundation Peach 3  Concealer Neutral  Concealer Mint  Concealer Warm   Foundation Warm 3   Concealer Yellow  Foundation Neutral 2  Foundation Neutral 3  Eyeshadow Embrace Foundation Neutral 2  Concealer Neutral  Foundation Peach 2   Foundation Warm 3   Foundation Warm 3  Rouge Angel  Finishing Veil Glow  Concealer Rose  Finishing Veil Matte  Eyeshadow Java  Rouge Youth 
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