UPDATED: At a salon!

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So now I'm at the salon getting my hair done (not styling). I'm bleaching my hair a little and cutting the split ends. I hope it will turn out fabulous until prom, graduation and this summer!

Before and efter the salon visit!


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Sorry sorry sorry for the bad update, but it's getting closer to graduation, prom and everything that comes with it. So I have been prioritizing and unfortunately the blog has suffered a lot! But I sweat that I'll get active here once it geta a bit calmer on the study side. 
So anyways, I just bought 2 graduation dresses online! Hopefully they are exactly what I hoped they would be, they'll pretty close to the graduation date so I hope there is no delay. And I still haven't found a prom gown... it's impossible for me to find one that I like. There are just ones make me go "naaaaaah" in stores right now. I'm seriouslt considering sewing one myself so that I get the exact one that I want... not that I'm that skilled or anything, but I'm a fast learner when it comes to "crafty" stuff.
So since this is a health blog it is right on topic to tell you guys about my motivation and the whole attitude towards this whole thing. To be honest I have been lacking motivation for a really long time, I was in a huge depression and usually people don't really take care of themselves when they are in depressions, and I must say I wasn't an exception. I just didn't care about my body, I just wanted to eat whatever the hell I was craving.
So I'm very happy to inform you guys that I actually feel on track, and that I have started working out again. Actually I have a very sore bum and legs, which is legen... wait for it.... dary.
So anyways I'm gonna continue to do whatever I was doing haha.
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