Color me RAD!

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Color me rad 17th august Gothenburg, will I see you there?? Such a fun run that I just can't wait for to be a part of! There are still open spots in the run if you want to join me and thousants of others. Sign up HERE!

Summer Essential: Tanning

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This is my absolute most important esential when it comes to tanning... well after a good bikini ofc. and sunscreen haha!
Most of the times I can't seem to get a good tan at all because my sunscreen has either too high UV protection that I never get any color at all, oooor then I use one that has too low UV protection so that I end up looking like a boiled lobster. But with Maxosol I actually get a great tan without burning the hell out of my skin! 

It's basically a pill that contains vitamins and minerals that are important for the skin, like biotin, beta carotene, niacin, zinc etc.  They help protect the skin cells when exposed to sunlight (you don't get burnt as easy as you would without it). This however does not replace sunscreen!

So props to the creators of Maxosol! Thanks for saving my summers!

My Paintings and Drawings

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So there is an artistic side of me that you've never seen before. Didn't really plan on posting these, but since I have been spending multiple hours a day to draw/paint this summer I felt like I should share this with you! I LOVE to be creative, whether it's  drawing, designing, photographing, illustrating or just playing around with makeup doesn't matter, I just love to create things! 

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