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Hello Loves, I have huge news for you. I will be moving my blog to my new domain name and platform. This is a natural step for me, I have grown grown and learnt a lot in the Blogg Esse community, but I feel like it is indeed time for me to move on and upgrade to a self hosted wordpress account where I have full control over my content/appearence etc.
This will happen in the upcoming week. And I hope you are as excited as me to make this transition! 


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I have been quite buzy lately trying to renew my brand, opening new doors and so on. I still don't feel like I can tell you about it, at least not for the moment. I want to do a little bit more research and really build a foundation so that I can give you as high quality content and ****** that you really deserve. So keep patient! I am really enjoying these changes and I'm sure you'll like them if not love them heheh
A photography in Helsinki that I took a few years ago

Diamond Clean by Sonicare

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I have for 20 years lived without an electric toothbrush, and I have done quite well without it, but I just recently felt like it was time for an upgrade.
Lately I've had bad luck with my dentists. I've had new densists every year at the annual check up, and it feels like every year I've gotten worse and worse dentists. Too many mistakes have been made from their part that have resulted in me getting more and more sensitive and unhealthy teeth. This has made me very conscious about what I put in my mouth and how to keep my dental hygine spotless. In a way it's fine that I am more aware of my dental care, but most of the times I think about it too much which results in minor anxiety. Yes, anxiety over my teeth thanks to my dentists' lack of professionality. 
So therefore it was time for me to do the best of the situation and to give my health the best possible tools.
I went on a quest in the crazy le toothbrush jungle, and finally last week I bought myself the Diamond Clean by Philips Sonicare after hearing so many raving about it. Man oh man was it an upgrade from my old toothbrush. 

 First of all it has a smashing design! If Steve Jobs had ever designed a toothbrush it would look exactly like this.

 Secondly, it is very easy to use. It only has one button which helps you navigate trough the 5 settings on the toothbrush. Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Polish & Whiten.

 The Diamond Clean is very easy to charge, it comes with a glas where you just place it to charge and also with a travel case usb charger. When it's fully charged it holds up to 3 weeks 40+ times of brushing with it. There is also a battery icon that indicates when you need to recharge!

Since I bought the Diamond Clean in the pink edition this October, 100 sek was donated to breast cancer charity.
I could not be happier with my purchase! I can sincerely say that the Diamond Clean is just like the Rolls-Royce of toothbrushes. 
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