New York Street

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I've been processing a lot of my New York photographies lately. Watching at old the photos and looking back, the people, the music, the noises, the cabs, the scents, the atmospear. It was just like in a movie. It was unreal. When I strolled around the streets of New York I was thinking how strange it all felt, I didn't believe I was there... yet I knew.


My Every Day Makeup Products

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I have suffered from acne for  years and years, and to be honest I still am. So I am extremely careful with the products I use on my skin. I have very dry skin with quite an oily T-Zone, this combo has made it quite a quest on finding the ideal products for my scandinavian skin.

I personally don't like makeup looks that are heavy and chunky. However I do use quite a few makeup products and items on my skin, it's all about a balance in amouth of product and techniques to get a natural and fresh glow to the face.
Face: First thing I do after washing and moisturising my face I will use Biotherm Aquasource CC Gel, it works like a BB cream but it's completely colorless. I only use an amount enough so that it's all over my face. Depending on if I want to erase more redness on my face I will use Tikei Mineral foundation, but usually I don't. A natural every day step for me is to to contour my face lightly with the No Makeup Makeup by Too Faced, followed by the powder blush (bottom). I feel that the cream blush is just too bright and on me it just looks too heavy.
Brushes: With the mineral foundation I use my ID Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face, for coutouring I also use ID Bare Minerals brush but for this purpose i use the smaller one Flawless Face.
Eyes: When it comes to eye makeup I am pretty loyal the Urban Decat brand. I use the UD Primer Potion, it works like magic, and trust me it is just as good as people are saying! It sets a really good foundation to my UD  Naked basics palette, I use Faint in my outer eye first, then add Naked 2 to my entire eye lid. It gives a really nice and defined look, without anybodybeing able to tell if I'm wearing makeup or not! Now I probably don't have to tell you this, but I'm a huge fan of eyeliners.. there is not a single day of wearing makeup when I don't use eyeliner. I usually use a brown warm tone creating a winged look. I find that the brown is a lot more natural and gives a more softer look than a black one would. I do however use black eyeliner from time to time, and sometimes even a purple one to copliment my green hazel eyes! My eyeliners are all from UD as well, they are called, 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in colors Zero, Demolitio and Empire. 

Brushes: I use the UD Naked 2 palette brushes when applying my eyeshadows.
Face: I use my Anastasia brow pencil in light brown to get more defined eyebrows, this too is a must have for me. On days when I have no eye/face makeup I still feel like I have to do my brows. I'm sure many of you do the same. As a last step on my face makeup is I spray a few times with the MAC fix +, I feel like it locks in my eye makeup and face makeup, so I always use it after all of those are done, but NEVER after mascara. I've made that mistake, that I use it after mascara, so when I close my eyes and spray, all of the mascara always gets smeared out under my eyes. It always ends up looking like a HUGE mess. Believe me on this one...

Eyes: The next natural step would be to curl my lashes. If I don't curl my lashes my look is not complete in any level. It is a MUST! After curling them I apply my L'oreal False Wing mascara, it is a m´big favourite of mine, and it is also something that I could not live without. The bristles on the brush is just ideal for my lashes. It's just pure amazingness in the shape of a mascara.
Lips: Last but not least, lips. I always finish off my look with something on my lips. I am not a huge fan of lip glosses nor lipsticks. My lips are often chapped and dry during fall and winter time, so if I want a splash of color I use tinted lipbalms like, Maybelline Baby lips or Burt's Bees lip balms. I am also a huge fan of EOS lip balms. There is nothing better than smoothing lipbalm on dry lips.
So there you have it, my makeup products on my every day makeup look! If my routine changes drastically or I find another miracle products I love I'll be sure to tell you all about it. 
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