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Bought myself three colorful workout tops the other day to celebrate the beginning of spring. I didn't really plan to spend a single penny, but I just could not let those beautiful creations hang there in the store... being unloved. hehe

A little something about sugar and sweeteners.

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First: Let's talk about sugar. I've heard far too many people say that our body needs sugar. EEEEH wrong. Your body doesn't need sugars, your body needs fat, salt, carbonhydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral, fiber etc. So when people state that sugar is vital for our body, I can't help but to step in and correct them. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat sugar every now and then but I'm just saying that don't get it confused with vital nutrients. 

Sugar is really a toxin and it's crazy that nearly everything in grocery stores contain sugar. And if they don't, they usually contain sweeteners and I'm sorry to break it to you but the majority of sweeteners are even more worse that actual sugar. Your should try to stay away from: aspartame, agave, sucralose etc. and try to find stevia, sugar alcohols, organic & raw honey instead.

While we're on the subject, when you see words like "fat-free" or "low fat" think "chemical sugar bomb" instead. Because that is pretty much what "fat-free" stands for. Products that are low in fat usually have sugars instead of fat. And as I cleared up before, your body needs fat and not sugar, so go for the fat instead of sugar. At least that's what's the smartest option, and I guess you want to be smart, right? 

Small guide to my favourite (international) fitness online shops

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Here are a few of my favourite online stores that have active wear. Klick the pictures to go to the websites, I hope you enjoy this little post! Please give me tips, I love to find new online stores that have fun workout gear and clothes! 
Lovely bright colors that are super fun, I've heard a lot of positive things about this Aussi(?) brand. 
Lorna Jane, I love this brand. They've got tons of inpirational clothing with motivational quotes and so on, the only bad thing about it is that it is pretty expencive. Well well, some day I'll get something from it. 
I personally love everything from Victoria's Secret and their sports brand VSX is not an exception. Lolololololoooooveee :) is my favourite fitness blog ever! She has her own online store with tons of bright coloured fitness apparel, I still haven't bought anything from her website but I will be doing that in the near future!
Great yoga gear, a little expencive but you pay for quality.. so I've heard!
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