To Die For

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Soon I should change my description and name to 'Project Bikini Body'.... haha It feels like I'm talking about bikinis in more or less every post now but, you just have to take it for now. I'll try to cut down the bikini talk a little however. But it's just so exciting to go on a bikini holiday when I've really tried hard to get a bikini body to be proud of, and now in november I will finally be able to (atleast try) rock my bikinis! However it goes I'm proud of how far I've come, I will probably not look super good in my bikini until my Tenerife visit. But hey it's okey, I've got more than 6 months to make it until next summer season in Sweden, and by then I'll be more than ready!
So continuing woth the bikini things. I just recently stumbled upon this lovely creature, it's from a Swedish brand called "To Die For", and they sure are to die for. This little bikini comes in many bright fun colors, I personally love the ones called 'Miami Dream', 'In this Moment' and 'Sugar Daisy'. I'm debating whether or not to purchase it though. I Just bought myself one 'Panos Emporio' bikini set in sale that I've wanted forever, but the price on this beauty is just so great. 
Oh well, I'll have to think about it since I'm poor as a church mouse since I bought my two Nike Free Runs.
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