Cooling down with the instagram pictures

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I know it's been a little too much instagram pictures lately, but that's better than no pictures at all.. right? I'm about to change that since I have a few plans, you know, foodwise. I've been looking for clean protein recipes because i really feel like doing something special. 
You may also have guessed that I didn't get that gym membership, it kinda stings... but hey, if you ain't got money, you just don't. 
I also recives the shoes I bought a few weeks ago. At first I was a bit bummed because they didn't match up to the description at all, but I don't feel like bitching about it (even tho I really should!).That put aside, I really like the color and I think I will intend to keep them, we'll see. It feels so fresh with the light green shoes in my otherwise PINK shoe collection! 

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