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Är så otroligt förälskad i mina Nike Free Run skor att jag bara var tvungen att köpa ett till par! Så kär att jag inte ens insåg att jag satt och skrev på svenska haha! Jag tar det om från början nu....
I am so incredibly in love with my Nike Free Run shoes that I just had to buy a new pair! So currently I have coral (picture below) and a pink/lilac pair and soon light green shoes are joining the family. Really excited for them to arrive, but I right after I bought them I found a really good deal (på Groupon) where you can buy a gym membership in the Nordic Wellness gyms. Fuck.  In really don't have money. One year costs 500 but with this deal it would be 250€. I'll say it again, fuck. I really need to buy this deal, and it's only available for about 1 more day and 6 hours. This would be perfect.  I'ts def what I need to get everything going to the next level. It really would.

Well on the bright side I have about 1 day and 6 hours to fix comething up. Wish me luck.
#1 - - Linnea:

Var köper du dina nike free run? Kram

Svar: Från zalando & sportamore! Xx
Jonna Keskikallio

#2 - - Tina :

What camera do you use? :)

Svar: Canon eso 450d xx
Jonna Keskikallio

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