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Got home a package from Yourtea a while ago, but I haven't had time to show you on the blog until now. It was a 28 days tea detox! Yey, really exciting! I haven't had time to try them out too much yet either so I will come back about it, but I'll paste a little information from their website :)

 How I will help you: I'll perform an intensive cleanse and nourish of your digestive system to assist with weight loss, fluid retention and toxin removal.
 Let me explain: Excess fat, fluid and toxins aren't removed in the way you may know it. No - these stubborn little buggers take a much tougher approach. Unlike other detox's that contain a lot of laxatives that momentarily flush out toxins I contain chinese herbal ingredients that truly cleanse and nourish your digestive system.
I have many properties that perform the following jobs: drying phlegm (a cellulite aggravator), reducing waste and fat and help you fight food stagnation in the body by nourishing your digestive system.
Once I have cleansed and nourished your insides you will digest your meals more efficiently... in turn, helping you feel more energised and full of life!
 What physical changes should you see? You should see a reduction in body fat and a reduction in fluid retention. If you have any cellulite, it should clear up significantly.
Your skin and eyes will clear up and when TinyTea is consumed along with a healthy diet, your mind & spirit should feel more grounded, less agitated.
 Can I lose weight with TinyTeatox alone? Can I lose weight with TinyTeatox alone? You may see results with TinyTeatox alone, without changing your diet. However results are heightened significantly when you change your diet and exercise plan.
 Exercise during a TinyTeatox:You can maintain your normal exercise routine without doubt.
As TinyTeatox does NOT have a severe laxative side effect like other 'weight loss' teas can - you won't experience any adverse side effects that may impede your exercise ability.
You will however, feel much more energetic and as a result you may feel inclined to increase your work-out!
my cat wants to try the teatox, she's so cute! haha 
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