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This post is dedicated to the superfood, egg. Why? Well if you're asking me that, then you really need to read it! I don't think people really understand how amazing eggs are, not just for their obvious taste but also for being super nutritional. 

 Great protein food. Eggs have the ideal mix for muscle growth and repair.
 Rich in vitamins. Eggs really are nature’s vitamin capsule containing all the vitamins except vitamin C. They are a good source of Vitamin B12 which may be lacking in vegetarian diets.
 Rich in iron. Iron is best absorbed from food when vitamin C is present so combine your egg with a glass of orange juice for even better nutrition.
 Low in fat. A medium egg has less than six grams of fat. Eggs also have less than 2 grams saturated fat. Most of the fat is unsaturated.
PS. did you know that an egg-based meal helps people feel fuller for longer when compared to lunches containing a similar amount of calories. This will help you keep your hands off the snacks! 
#1 - - Anna Charlotte:

Eggs are very good!

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Wow, i love how you can make a photo of eggs to look pretty

Svar: thank you so much!
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