I love you, CS5

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Last night I stumbled across many great blogs and just fell in love with the photography. It was a pure injection on inspiration and ideas that I just couldn't fall asleep. So the first thing I did this morning was not to go on a run, which btw is my new morning routine, because today is rest day. - But today was a very educative day, I have found new styles that I want to explore, in other words: not the same old photo edit with gradient maps and low opacity layer masks yadda yadda yadda. 

I've also found new photographers that I look up to. I will not include them in this post for I have a sister with high internet abstinence haha. Anyways, here's a little sample of what I've been doing today. Hope you like it!

#1 - - Anna Charlotte:

Nice! ^^

#2 - - Jessica Fotar:

Jättefint resultat! :)

#3 - - Sara Ekman:

Fint :)

#4 - - △ ida.:

så fint!! c:

#5 - - emma:


#6 - - LINN ★:

Fin redigering :D

#7 - - ELin:

Vilken fantastiskt fin och gullig blogg. Superfin blomkrans! Jag har förälskat mig lite i sådanna..

#8 - - Yousif:

Så fina! Kram

#9 - - Meia Lindholm :

åh så fint :)

#10 - - Petronella Skönqvist:

älskar din header,väldigt snygg!

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