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So as you've noticed I havent been active for a few days, thats because I've been out of the road of Finland. Hotel living and loooong car rides. But now I currently have access to a computer with internet conenction, but I don't have WiFi, so no instagram for me... At least for a week or maybe more. Quite frustrating to be honest, but a little time out from IG cant hurt, haha!
To talk about another topic, I'm currently in a quite bad scoliosis depression. I've taken a picture of myself where I'm standing, as far as I know, straight. - But when I went to take a look of the picture I could see how incredibly 'unstraight' the top part of my body was. I've said it before, but I'm so incredibly scared that if I lower my body fat percentage the scoliosis will be even more visible. 

I know that exercising could improve the scoliosis, but still I hesistate. It's just one of those days when nothing is working my way. Not really looking forward to wearing a bikini in Mallorca... Gosh can't this depression already pass! #not my picture

#1 - - Johanna:

Du läser väl Alexandra brings blogg? Om du inte gör det så är hon i alla fall en toppen träningstjej som är hur grym som helst. Hon är också född med skolios, men har blivit av med det nästan helt genom att styrketräna. Du kan också klara det!!

Svar: Ja jag läser hennes blogg! Jag mailade henne faktiskt och frågade vad för övningar exakt hon gjorde. Sjukt härlig tjej är hon!
Jonna Keskikallio

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