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Testing my new baby 50mm 1.4. I absolutely love it, its fabulous! I can't believe how bad my old lens that I used was haha. Anyways, I've been packing all day long. I'm leaving to Finland tomorrow. We're first heading to Helsinki (via Stockholm) a few days then to Kemi where we'll spend the most of the days. Why Kemi? - Well my grandmother and her relatives live there, so it's an obvious choice. I will continue taking pictures throughout the holiday, and I will do my best to find a solid internet connection! Who knows maybe our paths will cross, fellow Finns! 

#1 - - Maiken:

Du er så pen! Kos deg i Finnland, god sommer :)

#2 - - Fanny Walhed:

Vilka fina ögon du har..!

Svar: Åh tack snälla! xx
Jonna Keskikallio

#3 - - georgia:

your so gorgeous :) great photography!

#4 - - Laila:


#5 - - Emilia:

Åh vilken fin bild på dig! Kram :)

#6 - - sarah & johanna:

Du har jättefina ögon !

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