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I saw a feature of the book in a magazine and it really lit something inside of me. I had to google it. - And I'm really glad I did! The book is called The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder. It didn't take long for me to purchase it online. (well, it did take a while because I wanted to find a pocket version, instead of a hard cover. I really don't like hard covers.... haha! Didn't find any pockets in Sweden, so a hard cover will be just fine. I mean I'm purchasing the book because of it's content, not cover!)
I won't say much more about the book, more than Kimberly Snyder has another book, its about the same topic but different things. I actually bought the "sequel", but you can start with whichever you want to. And I wanted to start with The Beauty Detox Foods :)
"Looking for the ultimate secret to health and beauty? Don't look in your medicine cabinet. Look here. Celebrity nutritionist and beauty expert Kimberly Snyder helps dozens of Hollywood's Alist stars get redcarpet ready-and now you're getting the star treatment. Kim used to struggle with coarse hair, breakouts and stubborn belly fat, until she traveled the world, learning ageold beauty secrets. She discovered that what you eat is the ultimate beauty product, and she's developed a powerful program that rids the body of toxins so you can look and feel your very best. With just a few simple diet changes, you will: Get a youthful, radiant glow Banish acne, splotchy skin and wrinkles Grow lustrous hair and strong nails Get rid of the bloat, melt away fat and never count calories again!"
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vart hittade du den på svenska? :)

Svar: Jag har inte hittat den på svenska, utan jag läser den på engelska! :) från bokus
Jonna Keskikallio

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ojoj, detta lät ju spännande. du får hemskt gärna återkomma med vad du tyckte när du läst klart!

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