This is a GREAT week!

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So yesterday I talked about how I found a new lens that I wanted to purchase to my Canon, and guess what?! Me and my father went to look at it at stores and then he just decided to buy it for me! I'm so fortunate and happy about it, thank you SO SO much! I really love it! So ofc I had to try it out, so in the picture below you can see a photo I took with it! I'm still experimenting and learning but it seems like a brilliant lens!

So anyways, I also got a package from and this is what I got in it! 2 crunchy peanut butters, organic coconut oil, 3 'chocolate crisp' and 3 'apple pie' (which btw REALLY tastes like apple pie!) high protein bar, 1000g one whey isolate in flavors 'chocolate mint' and 'rocky road', one heat fat burner A.M., 3 gorgeous shakers in super bright colors, 10 30g samples of one whey kiwi yoghurt (a really great taste, I've hear that some think that the ordinary one whey are too sweet but this, at least in my opinion was just wonderful!)... Aaand the fabulous workout log! (Haha I'm a real dork when it comes to things like this!) There's no way I won't be motivated to workout to fill it in the pages! 
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You have to tell things about the products! :D

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