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I've been browsing many different workout and diet plans so that I find one that suits me and my life. I dont have a gym membership.... yes, I know. - I've been saying that I'm going to get one for such a long time now, but I really don't have money to put on a membership... and I really dont want to depend so much on my parents anymore. I'm 19 years old, graduated from high school so let's face it... I'm not a baby anymore. Therefore I do not want to ask my parents for anything at this point.
But after this summer I am giving my all to find a job so that I can earn things to treat myself with. I know I can't expect fabulous jobs, because I really haven't got any special education. So my plan is to work for a while, do things I want to do, travel, before I get into really studying again. I feel like it's better to do things now when I don't have a study loan, or anybody that's keeping me here in Gothenburg.
I have a few ideas but not really plans for what I want the future to hold for me, but I really feel like I dont want to think and look back and say "why didn't I do that?"
But yeah I can continue to talk about this for a billion years, but back to current time haha! So yes, I'm looking for a meal and workout plan that I can use without gym equipment. - If you know any I'd be thrilled if you could share it with me! I've rediscovered the Blogilates workout calendar, but I really cant find a meal plan that works with it too well. I mean, sure I can just eat healthy, but I feel like I'd be more dedicated to a real meal plan instead of just "whatever" kind of food you know? 
#1 - - Jessica:

Have you been looking at bodybuilding.com? They have great meal plans and workout plans that can be adjusted to your interests!

#2 - - Linda McDonald:

I have a question... if I do 200 situps/ day, will I get a skinny belly?

#3 - - e m m a:

SVAR: åh tack du med finis!

#4 - - Linda <3:

Sv; Tack så mycket :)

#5 - - Diman Dilir:

kör jillian mishaels 30 days shred! tar inte långt tid och är effektiv!:)

#6 - - daphna:

Tack, så glad jag blir! Härlig text :) Älskar att träna, kicken efteråt är ju det bästa.

#7 - - Anonym:

Look at tone it up!!!

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