Why I feel fortunate to have my job!

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I've been home from work two days now. To make a long story short, I became ill last weekend and can't go to work before 48h has passed since the last symptom. So hopefully I can go to work tomorrow *fingers crossed*. I actually am very fortunate to have found a job that I like, with wonderful coworkers that actually appreciate the work that I do.
Some of you may know that I work at a preschool as a substitute teacher. A substitute teacher is called in to work when a teacher from regular staff is sick or on vacation. I've been working like that from november 2013 to the beginning of march 2014.
In march I got called in to work at a new preschool department that had just started and barely had any kids. I was substitute for one of the two preschool teachers in that department for a few days, so I got familiar with their schedule and the children. Because it was a new department and they had future inductions of children planned, they knew they would need a third "teacher" there to create a safe environment for everybody, especially the children.
So since I already knew the children and the schedule they asked me if I wanted to be working there daily for a week or so, between 9 am to 2pm. I gladly accepted so one thing lead to another and now we're planning on expanding my work hours.
I feel super fortunate because it feels like I'm part of a little family, that I actually feel appreciated, that the work I do counts. It feels so good and is a lot more rewarding for me than a job at McDonald's could ever be.
When I started working there we only had 5 kids, and now we have 15! About 4 more will join our little group. It's a wonderful and rewarding experience to have been there to see all of the children grow. I've learnt so much!

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Hoppas du ar frisk nu och tillbaka pa jobbet :)

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