Squatsandthecity or Projecthealthybody?

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Some of you might be a little confused about my new header, Squats and the city. Why Squats and the city if my blog domain name is Project Healthy Body?
Well  I'm in the process of remaking and refreshing my brand. I've felt for a long time that 'Project Healthy body' is a name that's really narrow and only focused on one specific subject, health. I do enjoy writing about fitness, health etc. but I feel like there's so many other subjects I want to include. I love photography, fashion, DIYs, travels, interior etc. so I don't see why i should leave the things I love out.
Then one day  I was watching Sex and the city, a show that takes place in New York City containing sex, friendship, fashion, dreams and so much more. A show that has a very special place in my heart.
I ended up playing around with the words and stumbled across Squats and the City, that was was exactly the new name  I was looking for. A name that has many opportunities and variations. It was the PERFECT name. 
My instagram name was quickly changed to squatsandthecity, but since it's a little tricky to change domain name on a blog I've just kept projecthealthybody.blogg.se. But soon the time will come, I will be changing my domain name, tumblr name and every other social media connected to my brand, to the perfect name. Squats and the City.
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